Deco Crete


The guards from Deco Crete protect and seal concrete surfaces. Based on the latest concrete technology, they penetrate excellent and react very fast to make concrete stain and oil resistant and easy to clean.  They are very easy to apply, VOC free and the floor is walk-able within 30 minutes.


decoGREENSEAL is a breathable penetrating sealer for concrete and natural stone surfaces.


A higher ability to penetrate concrete than decoFINISH and is more suitable for very dense concrete and highly polished surfaces.


A top of the line concrete polishing product which gives concrete a beautiful natural shine and gloss.


Liquid hardeners make concrete surfaces harder, denser and dust free. Deco Crete’s hardeners have high solids and are designed to fast and deeply penetrate the concrete surface. Deco Crete has a range of hardeners which suits different quality concrete like porous concrete and very dense concrete.  Select the right product to match the quality of your surface.


A hardener/ densifier containing high quality sodium silicates from Europe.


A hardener/densifier containing lithium silicates and other reactive silicates.


A lithium silicate solution which hardens and densifies concrete, while making it dust free, stain and wear resistant.


Deco Crete’s concrete floor repair products come in three different formulas to suit different levels of damaged concrete floors, from large holes and wide cracks to pinholes and hairline cracks. Designed for use before and between polishing sessions, before applying a liquid hardener or guard, they come in five shades to compliment the concrete surface you’re working with.


decoGROUT is a two component polymer modified cementitious repair material to repair small holes and cracks in the concrete surface


A state of the art product designed to fill pinholes and hairline cracks.


decoFIX is a two component polymer modified cementitious repair material to fix large holes and wide cracks in the concrete surface.


All products contain various types of modified colloidal siilica, which improve the quality of the surface during the whole lifecycle of the floor. Maintenance is very easy: just re-polish the area’s which is loosing the shine.


Is a finishing aid which alleviates the job of a finisher and improves the surface hardness.


Is a time and cost saving polishing agent which eliminates at least 3 steps during the polishing process.


Is a penetrating, colloidal silica based color dye which is formulated to penetrate and color concrete surfaces.


Is a cleaning agent which enhances the quality of the concrete due to a daily silica supplement.